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2015 Cornerstone Events
2015 Christmas Party

Cornerstone Foundation celebrated our annual Christmas party on Saturday, December 19th at St. Bernard’s church in Vernon. One hundred children registered for invitations from ages 1 to 10.

There was live musical entertainment. The master of ceremonies (Kevin Hale-Higher Power Productions) directed the children’s dance contests including Limbo assisted by Felecia Gerardi. There were various games played and prizes won from games and contests. Children could choose winter coats provided by Knights of Columbus. There was a large selection of stuffed animals, hats, gloves and scarves for the children to select. There were two craft tables, Jane Johnson teaching how to design greeting cards, Rebecca teaching how to make tree ornaments. Also the children had fun with coloring books. We had a beautiful photo spot area based on the movie Frozen for picture taking opportunies provided by Mary Carlson of MJ Decorations And of course, Santa stopped by to visit the children and distribute gifts from his bright red sack. Each child went home with a large gift bag of toys and a "goody” bag."

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated, making this Christmas party a success!


  • Colleen Lavoie

  • Christine Filanowicz

  • Jane Johnson

  • Mary Carlson

  • Rebecca

  • Teri Rogers

  • Chris Albertson

  • Carl Maresh

  • Becky Maresh

  • Moriah Maresh

  • Melanie Soucier

  • Glenn Andrews

  • Jeanne Andrews

  • Diana Christian

  • JA Luther

  • John Kaminski

  • Richard Hamilton

  • Evelyn Snay

  • Savanah Lopez

  • Helen Syriac

Knights of Columbus 

  • Tom Stauffer – Grand Knight

  • Nick Poinatale

  • Chris Mazzola – Deputy Grand Knight

  • John Tignonsini

  • Bill Perkins

  • John Lillis

  • Lee Maloon

  • Jeff Bachiociti

  • George F. Smith

  • Brian Motola

Fedex Cares

FedEx designated The Cornerstone Foundation to be the recipient of their “Purple Tote” campaign. The campaign collected food and clothing items, toward an initial goal of 100 totes. The campaign was schedled to run until November 9th, but was closed early after better than expected results for a total of 286 filled tote bags. FedEx also sponsors a competition to win monetary grants for charitable organizations. The possible grant amounts are $1,000, $2,000, $5,000. The Cornerstone Foundation was entered into that contest.

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National Night Out

August 4, 2105

On Tuesday, August 4, 2015 residents and visitors came together to build community spirit and comradery at the central park of Rockville. This nationwide event, National Night Out, is aimed to heighten awareness of crimes and drug prevention. It allows people to meet law enforcement in a positive environment, learn how to work together to make safe neighborhoods and a safer community.


People went from booth to booth to learn about the many resources available to them from local agencies and businesses.
The Cornerstone Foundation had a booth representing the Soup Kitchen, Clothing Bank and Shelter.
There was also a Kid Safe booth. They run the community center for young people in one of the Cornerstone facilities. The Cornerstone Foundation, a non-profit organization, is celebrating 35 years of providing assistance to those in need. The Cornerstone’s booth had games, bean bag and ring toss, for the children. They received cute stuffed animals and lolipops for prizes. Staff was available for questions along with brochures and business cards to help inform the adults on services The Cornerstone Foundation provides. Our goal is to help as many people as we can who are in need. We want people to know there is hope and that Cornerstone Cares

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July in the Sky

July 2, 2015

The Cornerstone set up a tent selling bowls of chili and water at the July in the Sky fireworks event in downtown Rockville. It was a way to familiarize people about The Cornerstone Foundation and its mission.

The chili was prepared by Isaiah, our own regional chili contest winner and national chili contest entrant. Joe, another soup kitchen chef, was right beside Isaiah every step of the way. During preparation, both were up their elbows preparing 30 gallons of delicious chili.

To help out our sales, one of the current residents from the Cornerstone Shelter bought some voucher chips for chili and water. He gave them away to people as they passed by. He said that Cornerstone has done great things for him and he wanted to give something back.

As more people came to the event, Joe stood in front of the tent and sold water while Isaiah was pushing his chili by saying “Look at my T-Shirt”. It was his National Chili Competition T-Shirt. Many people liked the chili so much they came back for seconds. Some of the customers came to buy chili because they were told how good it was by our previous customers.

Our regional chili champion, Isaiah, led our chili fundraiser along with our other hardworking dedicated team of volunteers to a resounding success.

Get ready for next year. It will be even better!

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Trinity Lutheran Church Donation

Sunday School Retreat Donation

April 17-19 2015

Four youth from Trinity Lutheran Church in Vernon attended a Sunday School retreat weekend at Camp Calumet Lutheran in Freedom, New Hampshire from April 17-19.The theme of the weekend was to love your neighbor. One of the ways the youth at the retreat demonstrated this was by making fleece blankets for those in need. All church groups worked together to make several blankets and were then invited to take some back to local shelters.The youth from Trinity decided to donate five blankets to the Cornerstone Shelter in Rockville. When asked why they were donating the blankets, one youth said, “Helping others feels good and is a nice thing to do. We don’t need the blankets. We have a home with warm blankets already.”

Easter Dinner

April 5th, 2015

We held our traditional Easter Dinner, Sunday April 5th, 2015. Many families and individuals came to share in the Easter holiday festivities. Materials were provided to make Easter tree ornaments before dinner. The ornaments were used to decorate center pieces for the dinner tables. Grace was offered before the meal. Then everyone enjoyed a delicious ham dinner with all the trimmings. Each child received an Easter basket filled with goodies delivered to our soup kitchen especially for them. After dinner each person received a goody bag filled with a variety of candy.We are grateful for all the donations received to make this Easter celebration at the soup kitchen very special for all.

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Vernon Community Network Provider Fair

April 10th, 2015

The Cornerstone Foundation has had an opportunity to participate in the VCN (Vernon Community Network) Community Provider Fair.

Its mission is to help identify and coordinate resources for our community. It was a great opportunity to learn about our colleagues and share resources with them, Several people from the Cornerstone attended: Helen Syriac, Angela Atwater,Bryan Flint, Christine Filanowicz, Glenn Andrews, Evelyn Snay.

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UCONN Volunteers

February 14th, 2015

Cornerstone hosted some lovely young ladies from the UConn Medical Humanitarian Society along with some friends who did Community Service to help further the work of Cornerstone.

A special thank you to Allie for organizing the day where they volunteered in both the Clothing Bank and Shelter. GO UCONN!

In this pictures they were asked to raise their left hand if they were tired of the snow yet! It was UNANIMOUS!!!

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