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Backpack and School Supplies Event 2020

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The Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. hosted their 6th annual backpack and supplies event for children going back to school this fall on August 7th, 8th 12th and 13th. We also provided pre-filled backpacks during our regular Clothing Bank Etc. hours for a few weeks for those who were not able to make our event. We served 132 students from first grade through high school with back packs, school supplies, and back to school clothing at an approximate value of $7300.00. Everything given out was at no cost to them. The goal was to help promote a good education for our young people by providing them with the supplies they needed to get this new school year started, especially since it will be under unusual circumstances this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  

Keeping in mind the safety of the students, their family members, and our volunteers we followed the Covid 19 pandemic guidelines. We limited the amount of people in the building at one time by giving them appointments to come in. First the students selected their backpack from our variety of styles. With the supervision of our volunteers, the students filled that backpack with all the school supplies required for their grade. After they filled their new backpacks, the students went over to our clothing department. We had several racks set up for clothing and footwear for back to school. We allowed each student to pick out 2 complete outfits, including socks and under ware. Unfortunately many parents are out of work due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This was a way to help lessen the parent’s financial burden, especially when some parents have to provide for several children in the family. 

We had a very excited group of young people and their parents thanking us for our help. It is such a pleasure to get such positive feedback from our clients. It makes all that we do at the Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. well worth it!

Thank you to all the volunteers and the support of donations from Thrivent, churches, individuals from our community, and the Cornerstone staff. It is such a thrill to us how our community cares so much about our young people, that they came together again to help us make yet another one of our Clothing Bank Etc. events successful. 

Thank you,

Christine Filanowicz, Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. Director

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