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A word about Evelyn Snay from The Hartford Courant:

Some volunteers at the Cornerstone Foundation in Rockville are only there a relatively short time. Evelyn Snay enjoyed her volunteer work there so much that she stayed for 30 years. 

"I love working with people," Snay said, humbly, "and I feel like it's my home away from home."

Snay is the volunteer coordinator, and said it can at times be a challenge to figure out where to put everyone. Sometimes the center, which encompasses a soup kitchen and homeless shelter, has too many volunteers.

"It can be hard to find things for them to do, and a place for them when they come in to do their afternoon jobs," she said, adding that the volunteers perform tasks including wrapping silverware, cleaning and helping in the kitchen, sweeping, mopping and cleaning bathrooms.

They take care of the building and clean anything that needs to be cleaned outside," she said. Formerly, Snay was a crossing guard (for 20 years) and also worked at Potter's House daycare, all while spending time at Cornerstone. Snay was born in Essex Junction, Vermont, before moving to Underhill and later a farm on St. Albans Bay. She said it was a beautiful place to grow up, and hopes to return.

Snay routinely comes to Cornerstone around 6:30 in the morning, putting trays away and setting up for the morning's continental breakfast. She then has her coffee and prays about Cornerstone. Her faith, she said, along with that of Cornerstone Executive Director Helen Syriac, is what keeps the place running.

"We're pretty much based on donations," she said. "I pray the donations keep coming our way. We work with God. He always provides for us."

Snay said that she has seen the power of prayer on many occasions. One time, Cornerstone was out of hot dogs, which are often in high demand. "I went home that night, and said, "God, people are asking for hot dogs and we don't have any." I thanked Him in advance for hot dogs. The next day, we had 500 pounds of hot dogs came in [via a donation]," she said.

Snay said she appreciates hearing good feedback, and most people thank her after a meal or having used the center's services. Sometimes people who no longer need Cornerstone’s services come back and thank her, which is of course, gratifying. "It feels good," she said. "It sure does. You know they appreciate it."

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