Food Cupboard

Due to the Coronavirus, the Food Cupboard clients will no longer be allowed in the cupboard to shop, but instead clients will receive a pre-packed bag of food to provide at least some food assistance. New clients will still need to register by filling out the TEFAP (Federal) and CT-NAP (State) forms when they come to the Cupboard.

*The new ShopRite grocery store in Vernon at 35 Talcottville Road is selling $5 and $10 bags of food that contain most needed items for the Cornerstone Food Cupboard. The Cupboard will pick up the bags and will also periodically send an update of the most needed items to ShopRite. This is a new and exciting partnership!

Thank you ShopRite!

Cornerstone Food Cupboard

The Food Cupboard is located at 3 Prospect Street in the back.

Phone: (860)375-8053


Lee Hay, Director

It is open to clients on:


  • Tuesday 9:00 AM – Noon

  • Saturday Noon – 2:00 PM

Donations are gladly accepted! If the Food Cupboard is closed, donations may be dropped off at the Soup Kitchen at 15 Prospect Street.

**The Last week of every month, both Stop & Shop store locations in Vernon will donate to Cornerstone all food placed in the collection bins at their entrances.**


The Cornerstone Food Cupboard Client’s Introduction:


The Food Cupboard is run by a group of volunteers who are committed to contributing their time and energy to assist those in our communities who are in need of some extra help.


Much of the food we offer comes from FoodShare, the food distribution center for food pantries and soup kitchens in Hartford and Tolland counties.  FoodShare provides free food from the federal government and other food at significantly reduced prices that we can purchase with donated funds.

We also receive food donations from individuals, civic organizations, churches, and stores.  And, of course, The Food Cupboard is a service of and is supported by the Cornerstone Foundation.


The Food Cupboard provides food assistance to those needing some extra help who meet the federal guidelines for food assistance.  We are not able to provide all the food a family/household may need, but we hope the food we can provide makes a difference.


To be eligible to receive food from the Food Cupboard, a client must register and fill out two forms required by the government: the TEFAP (The Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program) and the CT-NAP (Connecticut Nutrition Assistance Program) forms. The forms require the following information. CT-NAP in Spanish


1. Client’s name and the names of all residents in the client’s household.1.

2. The yearly total gross income for all members of the household.  The maximum income permitted for a household is determined by the U. S. government and may change from year to year.
3. The number of children (ages 0-17), adults (ages 18-59), and seniors (ages 60+) in the household and the race/ethnicity of the household members.

These forms must be filled out each year for each household and signed by the head of the household.  By signing the forms, the head of household declares that the information provided is correct and accurate.

The forms are available at the Food Cupboard, or may be downloaded here:

TEFAP – Multiple Languages (The Federal Emergency Food Assistance Program)

Click below for English and Spanish.

English   Spanish

CT-NAP English (Connecticut Nutrition Assistance Program)

CT-NAP Spanish


A client may obtain food at the Food Cupboard once a week. The client or a member of the client’s household must check in at the computer desk at the Cupboard, show a driver’s license or some other form of printed identification, and sign the check-in form.
The amount of food a client may obtain for the household depends on the number of members of the household.
• A SMALL household consists of 1-3 household members.
• A LARGE household consists of 4 or more household members.
When done shopping, the client must check out at the check-out desk.


• Clients are not permitted to reach into the refrigerator or freezer. This is a safety issue.
• Cupboard volunteers are not permitted to carry clients’ food up the driveway to the street level.


The Cornerstone Foundation, Inc.


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P.O. Box 3

15 Prospect Street

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