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Glenn & Jeanne Andrews

The Cornerstone Food Angels

      Cornerstone began receiving Saturday donations in 2014 from Walmart in East Windsor. These donations were coordinated through Foodshare, a large regional food bank headquartered in Bloomfield. Instead of Walmart donating to Foodshare, the soup kitchens receive the food directly from the store. As the apparent need grew, Andrews began the task to create a food pantry in the Rockville area. The closest one for Rockville residents was Hockanum Valley in Vernon and because many clients did not drive, navigating their way to the food pantry on the bus was difficult for them. The journey to a permanent Cornerstone Food Cupboard took many turns and it finally opened to the public in September 2016.

      Andrews grew up in Rockville and it was clear when he was "in helping mode" he was on a mission. Perhaps his days working with Habitat for Humanity prepared him for the organized task of getting food to the people. He and Jeanne were members of St. Bernard Church, located in the heart of Rockville, for over 20 years and had volunteered there as well. 

      His trail of food assistance continued as he was also a big part of the committee for the Cornerstone Soupfest, an annual fundraiser for the Cornerstone Foundation, that features tasting of many types of soups and lots of raffle prizes and entertainment. It is one of Cornerstone's largest fundraisers and takes many months to plan. Andrews would regularly visit the different churches in the Vernon area and talk about Soupfest and the mission of the Cornerstone Foundation.

     Plans for the new pantry started in January 2015 and the construction began in March of 2016. Since its opening in September of 2016 the number of clients has grown to a number no one ever expected. There are currently 488 families registered at the Food Cupboard which represents 1,285 individuals. Cornerstone is grateful for Glenn Andrew's vision, determination, and commitment to the people of Rockville.

     As they continue their lives in a warmer climate, there is no doubt Glenn and Jeanne are helping people in Florida too. The residents of Rockville and Cornerstone Foundation thank them for their service to our community and wish them many blessings.

Best wishes and God Bless Glenn & Jeanne!

   It all started over 20 years ago for Glenn Andrews and his wife, Jeanne, at the Cornerstone Soup Kitchen where they prepared Sunday brunch once a month with a team from St. Bernard Church in Rockville. The former Tolland couple was an integral part of the Cornerstone Foundation. The couple now live in Florida but left behind a legacy of caring those of us at Cornerstone will not forget. 

     Helping others always came easy for the Andrews. The Sunday brunch team turned into weekly dinner teams and as people needed substitutes, the couple volunteered. You would hardly ever see one without the other. Glenn Andrews' involvement didn't stop there. He was the Cornerstone Food Pantry Director and was an integral part of the process of opening the current Cornerstone Food Cupboard.


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