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Cornerstone cares

Cornerstone is a non-profit ecumenical outreach that provides a safe, nonthreatening atmosphere where one can be listened to, affirmed, and encouraged. Our primary endeavor is to improve the quality of life among the people we serve. Over the years, we have become a trusted grassroots provider of social services that make downtown Rockville, Vernon, and surrounding communities better places to live.  

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is located at 15 Prospect Street in Rockville. They serve three meals a day on weekdays and two meals

each weekend day.


The Cornerstone overnight shelter is located at 1 Prospect Street.

Clairvaux House, owned by St. Bernard Church and operated by Cornerstone is located on School Street, and is for homeless mothers with children.

New Hope House recently opened and is located at 93 East Main Street.

Soup Kitchen and volunteers
Youth Outreach Center
Youth Center and Outreach Program

The Youth Center and Outreach Program is located at 3 Prospect Street and provides a safe place for middle and high school aged youth. Trained staff supervises the activities and a number of workshops are offered during the year.

Clothing Bank Etc.

The Clothing Bank, Etc. is located at 3 Prospect street in back and provides clothing, toys, housewares and books. Furniture is also

available for special needs. It features a

Christmas corner and several events are

hosted throughout the year.

Clothing Bank Etc.
Food Cupboard
Food Cupboard

The Food Cupboard is located at 3 Prospect Street in back and provides food assistance to those needing some extra help who meet the federal guidelines for food assistance.

Bundles of Hope.png
Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank

The Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank is open to qualified children under age 3 whose family receives assistance from the state (TANF, SNAP, Husky, WIC, SSI) to receive diapers once a month. Clients sign up and then will be able to come once a month to pick up diapers.

To register, please use the 
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