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Soupfest is Just Around the Corner!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

It's that time again! Time for our annual Soupfest event. This year Soupfest will be held on Wednesday November 15th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Soupfest will be held in the lower-level hall at Saint Bernard Church, 25 St. Bernard Terrace, here in Vernon. Soupfest is an entertaining event held every year as a fundraiser for Cornerstone that also provides a wonderful opportunity for people to get together, enjoy some yummy soup, and bid on some interesting items.

Soupfest is our primary fundraiser every year. Funds are raised through the sale of raffle tickets at $20 each that give everybody a chance for a $500, $400, $300 or $200 gift card. There are also two auctions that are held that night. We have a teacup raffle and a silent auction. Every year I am amazed at the number of exceptional items donated to these auctions.

While raising funds is certainly important to Cornerstone so we can continue to do our mission to keep people fed, sheltered, and clothed, the best part about Soupfest is all the people enjoying the soups provided by local restaurants or organizations. This year we have three local restaurants and one of the teams from our own Cornerstone Community Kitchen. I like to say that our kitchen turns out pretty tasty meals and this is an opportunity for our cooks to back me up on my bragging!

Admission is free as is the food. We are still looking for Sponsors for this well attended event. If you are interested in being a Sponsor, please go to our Sponsor Page Here and find all the information needed.

We hope to see you at this fun and filling event!

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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