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Stuff-A-Cruiser Winter Clothing Drive with TJ Maxx and The Vernon Police Dept.

TJ Maxx and Vernon Police Department sponsored a Stuff-A-Cruiser Winter Clothing Drive on Saturday October 27, 2018. The Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. was one of their recipients of donations. 


Jeffrey Saddig from TJ Maxx got together with Lieutenant William Meier, and the planning took off from there. Officer Brian brought along his K-9, Thor, for the children and adults alike to see. There were other volunteers as well who endured the rainy and windy weather for a good cause.


Thank you Jeff, The Vernon Police Dept. and all those that helped with putting on this clothing drive for The Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc.  We have such great people in the community who care and come together to help where there is a need.


Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank Etc. Director

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