our mission

Our Mission

The Cornerstone Foundation is a faith ministry with a mission to keep all people safe, fed, housed and clothed. We provide help to the community with a soup kitchen, two shelters, a food pantry, clothing bank, youth/outreach center and many vital annual initiatives.

Cornerstone has provided food, clothing and shelter to those in need for over 35 years with the help of mostly all volunteers.  


We have grown from a nightly homeless shelter at Sacred Heart Church's former library, to a Soup Kitchen and now presently -- five programs and ministries in five buildings in Rockville, Connecticut.

Our Ministry directors
Evelyn Snay Volunteer Coordinator
Evelyn Snay

Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

Helen Syriac, Founder and Executive Director
Helen Syriac


Lee Hay Food Cupboad Director
Lee Hay

Food Cupboard Director

Food Cupboard Page

Christine Filanowicz Clothing Bank Etc. Director
Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank Etc. Director

Clothing Bank Etc. Page

Bryan Flint, Sr.

Deputy Director  

Shelter Director

Shelter Page