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A Heartfelt New Year's Message from Cornerstone: Gratitude, Resilience, and Hope for 2024

On behalf of everyone here at Cornerstone, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! Every year I wish the same thing, that we would be able to close our programs because no one needed us anymore. I think that is the wish of every non-profit that works with vulnerable people.

Being realistic, that isn’t likely to happen, so I want to express again our deep appreciation for all the blessings we have received here at Cornerstone. We have a dedicated group of volunteers who make sure our hungry neighbors are fed hot meals every day, that families have food in their cupboards, and that during these cold weather months, people have nice warm clothes to wear. Our volunteers pick up thousands of pounds of food, sort through seemingly unending piles of clothing and items, help our cooks make delicious meals, do much needed maintenance work on our buildings, and many other things that help us to help others every day.

We could not open our doors every day if not for our generous donors. We must raise almost $80,000 a month to operate, and our donors seem to always come through when we need them. It has been close some times, but our prayers are answered and we keep going. As Executive Director, I am always looking for grants and other sources of funding but most of our support comes from individuals who show their care and concern for their neighbors who are struggling. I also want to thank everyone who donates food, clothing, gift cards, etc. so we don’t have to pay for the same.

Lastly, I want to thank our employees and our Board of Directors for their work to make sure we meet the needs of those who come to us. Our kitchen and shelter staff do an amazing job of showing compassion and helping people who are in a difficult space. Our Board donates their time and efforts to steer Cornerstone in a direction that stays true to our mission of keeping people safe, fed, clothed, and sheltered.

Peace and Joy in 2024!

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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