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Be Our Guest

Updated: Apr 2

In July, the Community Kitchen began to eliminate serving meals “to go”. Although we recognize the value of serving the community thru the convenience of take out meals, some 4 at a time, we also recognize the importance of Community Fellowship and how dining together creates camaraderie and institutes the value of helping one another.

Friday's lunch of Chili cheese dog, fruit salad, chopped salad, fresh broccoli with cheese sauce and assorted desserts.

Throughout August we continued to decrease the number of “to go” meals, going from 4 to 2, and on August 14th we eliminated the take out meals all together. Our Kitchen staff and volunteers continue to create delicious, wholesome and healthy meals , using many farm fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year.

Thursday's lunch of pork chops, cabbage, chopped salad, sauteed squash and zucchini and cake for dessert

We encourage everyone to come visit us and enjoy a hearty meal. As it is said in the Disney musical Beauty and the Beast, “Be our guest.” We may or may not have dancing utensils, plates and candelabras’!

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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