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Bloomin' 4 Good: Vernon Stop & Shop Supports Cornerstone in October

This October, Vernon's community has a fantastic chance to make a positive impact right at their local Stop & Shop. Cornerstone, a faith-based nonprofit in Vernon-Rockville, has been selected as the beneficiary of the Stop & Shop Bloomin’ 4 Good Program for the month.

Stop & Shop Bloomin’ 4 Good Program

The Stop & Shop Bloomin’ 4 Good Program launched in February 2021, offering an easy way for shoppers to give back while shopping. Each $10.99 bouquet marked "Bloomin’ 4 Good" supports a local hunger organization. It's a simple way to brighten someone's day with flowers while supporting a noble cause.

Cornerstone: October's Beneficiary

The local leadership at the Vernon Stop & Shop (10 Pitkin Road) chose Cornerstone as the beneficiary for October. For every $10.99 Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquet purchased there this October, Cornerstone will receive a $1 donation.

Sharon Redfern, Executive Director of Cornerstone, says, "Flowers have the power to brighten lives and spread joy. Now, they're also a beacon of hope in the fight against homelessness and hunger. When you buy a Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet at Vernon Stop & Shop this October, you're not just decorating your home; you're helping transform lives."

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone, founded in 1982 by Helen Syriac, a local resident and parishioner at Sacred Heart Church in Vernon, provides shelter, food, and support to those in need. Over the years, it has expanded to include shelters, a Community Kitchen, the Clothing Bank, the Food Cupboard, and a Community Center.

Get Involved

To support Cornerstone, visit the Vernon Stop & Shop during October, look for the $10.99 Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquets, and make a purchase.

Spread the Word

Share this campaign with your friends and family. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those served by Cornerstone.


This autumn, embrace the spirit of giving and community by joining the Bloomin' 4 Good campaign at Vernon Stop & Shop. Help fight homelessness and hunger in Vernon by purchasing a $10.99 Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquet. Let the flowers bloom for good! For more information about Cornerstone, visit, and for details on the Stop & Shop Bloomin’ 4 Good Program, visit

Alexis Flint

Programs and Operations Director

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