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Celebrating Generosity: Lighting up Cornerstone's Homeless Shelters

Let's shine a spotlight on Kathryn Rizzo, a true embodiment of generosity, whose recent contributions have illuminated the lives of families at Cornerstone's Homeless Shelters.

Kathryn purchased these items directly through Cornerstone's Amazon Wishlist for our Homeless Shelters

Kathryn, your thoughtful purchases from our Amazon Wishlist have brought comfort and essential supplies to those who need them most. In the face of homelessness, your acts shine as beacons of light, reminding us that compassion can create a better world.

Your empathy is the cornerstone of our mission, showing that even small gestures can spark meaningful change. Here's to Kathryn Rizzo, a living testament to community compassion. From all of us at Cornerstone, a resounding thank you.

Want to join in making a difference? You can support Cornerstone's mission through our Amazon Wishlist as well, click here:

Let's keep building a world where kindness prevails and families find the support they deserve. 🌼🏠🙏

Alexis Flint-Carmicheal

Communications Director

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