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Cornerstone: A Beacon of Love in a World Full of Hearts

You can’t go into a store this month without seeing hearts! Valentine’s Day is everywhere celebrating the commercial version of love with gifts and celebrations. Originally celebrated as the Feast of St.Valentine, an early Christian martyr, it has evolved into a huge endeavor on February 14th.

Here at Cornerstone, we see love in action every day. Our volunteers spend hours making sure that the Food Cupboard has groceries to give out to our shoppers. Other people help in the Community Kitchen to prep and serve meals and then clean up afterwards. Volunteers sort and hang clothes and help shoppers at the Clothing Bank, which gives out items that people have generously donated so others can use them.

Our shelter staff works 24/7 to make sure people in crisis are treated with dignity and respect. Many times, they are the ones providing comfort and empathy when a resident finds themselves reacting to the overwhelming issues they are dealing with in their family.

Trust me when I say the shelter staff are not working there for the paycheck but to help other people.

We are bombarded with stories of violence, distrust, and just plain meanness every day that might make us all feel like there is no good in the world anymore. I tell the people I meet that every day I am amazed at all the goodness and love that flows our way here at Cornerstone. We are a concrete example of the love our community has for other people who need a helping hand.

Chances are you are reading this article because you have demonstrated your love of your fellow man through a donation of time or money to Cornerstone. Thank you for doing so!

Remember what 1 Corinthians 13:13 tells us -“And now these things remain: faith, hope, and love- but the greatest of these is love.”

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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