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Cornerstone: A Year End Recap

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

This year, 2023, has been a significant year for all of us at Cornerstone. We have had good times celebrating our 40th anniversary and looking back on how much we have grown over those years. When Helen Syriac took $20 and a heart full of faith, hope and love I’m sure she never thought her effort would touch so many lives.

This has also been a year of sadness for all of us here with the loss of our long-time friend and fellow employee, Bryan Flint. Bryan’s love of people was unending, and we feel his absence keenly here at Cornerstone.

Before Bryan passed, he started a new program that delivers fresh food weekly to the residents of the various senior housing complexes here in Vernon. The program is an all volunteer operation and has taken off like a rocket!

On behalf of Cornerstone, I want to express our sincere appreciation to all of the people who have shown their support of our mission to keep people fed, clothed, and sheltered, by volunteering their time. As of the end of November, 23,353+ hours of work have been donated by our wonderful volunteers. Put in dollars that equals over $350,000 worth of labor. What a fantastic gift they have given us!

I also want to offer our deep gratitude to all our financial donors. We must raise $79,000 per month to offer the services that keep our struggling neighbors safe from homelessness and hunger. Without our community of donors, we truly could not do the work we do!

Peace, Joy, and Love from all of us at Cornerstone,

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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