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Gerry's Donuts Celebrates 40 Years!

As Gerry's Donuts celebrates their 40th anniversary today, we thought it would be a good time to mention all the donuts they have donated to Cornerstone's Community Kitchen.

Since the summer of 2022, Gerry's Donuts has donated hundreds of dozens of donuts to the Community Kitchen.

Gerry and Team on Gerry's Donuts 40th Anniversary

Cornerstone volunteer and Gerry's Donuts frequent patron, Bob Deane, initiated the donation request and delivers the donuts to the Kitchen whenever donuts are available. The donuts are then handed out for breakfast and as dessert for lunch and dinner!

Bob Deane delivering Gerry's Donuts to Cornerstone's Soup Kitchen

The Cornerstone Community is so grateful to Gerry for his delicious donations. All of the clients, guests and staff are so happy when they see the large white boxes of donuts come in to the Kitchen!

Congratulations to Gerry's Donuts for their successful 40 years!

Alexis Carmicheal

Communications Director

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