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Giving Back

Updated: Apr 2

Just a few months ago, Claudette was a short-term resident of one of our shelters. Life situations can put any of us in need of help at any time, and for her this happened in 2022.

Claudette would come up to the kitchen daily for meals. She would wrap plasticware and help with other kitchen chores when asked. She was the “house mom” at the shelter. Always a listening ear, taking care and watching over other shelter residents, making sure they were fed and reminding them of appointments and sharing some “life lessons” of her own.

With the help of Cornerstone staff, she was able to find an apartment in early Spring and has now decided to “give back” by volunteering as office staff at the Community Kitchen every Sunday. She answers phones, helps with serving meals and is an example of the success of what we do.

As we continue to feed people in need, we recognize we are giving them chances for continued success and the ability to give back to others what was once given to them. Thank you, Claudette and all of our volunteers. We can’t do this without you,

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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