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Giving Thanks to Bruce Gottier and Kitchens by Bruce for Beautifying Cornerstone’s Community Kitchen

At Cornerstone, we understand the power of community and the incredible impact that a group of dedicated individuals can make. This month, we were fortunate to witness this impact firsthand, thanks to Bruce Gottier and his wonderful team at Kitchens by Bruce.

Bruce and his team took on the generous task of giving our Community Kitchen a much-needed makeover. They expertly spray painted the ceiling and meticulously painted all the walls in the dining area. The transformation is nothing short of amazing! The entire room now radiates warmth and welcome, looking cleaner, nicer, and infinitely more inviting.

This facelift was not just about aesthetics. It has breathed new life into a space that serves as a vital hub for community interaction and support. The refreshed environment enhances the experience for everyone who comes through our doors, from volunteers to the people we serve.

We are deeply grateful to Bruce Gottier and his team for their dedication and hard work. Their support reflects a true spirit of community and generosity. Thanks to them, our Community Kitchen is not just a place to share meals; it’s a place where hope and warmth are served daily.

On behalf of everyone at Cornerstone, thank you, Bruce and team, for your exceptional contribution. Your work has made a significant difference and reminds us all of the incredible change that can come from kind hearts working together.

This remarkable transformation not only improves the functionality of our space but also uplifts the spirits of all who come here. It’s a brighter, more cheerful place because of the kindness and hard work of Bruce and his team. We look forward to making many more memories in our beautifully updated kitchen. Thank you again, Bruce Gottier and Kitchens by Bruce, for your generosity and community spirit!

Alexis Flint

Programs and Operations Director

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