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Homelessness Among the Elderly

Updated: Apr 2

Homelessness among the elderly is a growing concern. Here at Cornerstone approximately 30% of the beds in our Homeless Shelters are being used by those that are 65 or older. This is a huge shift from only a few years ago when there were very few shelter residents of that age.

For 40 years, Cornerstone has been at the forefront of emergency situations. We have done very well with our mission; to keep people safe, fed, housed and clothed. Unlike many business models however, we do not want our “customer” base to increase, but it is. We need to readjust our vision to include prevention while still caring for those with the most need.

For us to focus more on prevention we need you. We need more volunteers on our team with the drive, passion and knowledge of funding, affordable housing, administrative, research, and so much more!

Please consider donating your time to Cornerstone and our community.

Alexis Carmicheal

Communications Director

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