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Impressive numbers - who and what is behind them?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

When we post statistics, you will get a quick snapshot of what happens at the

Food Cupboard. But what really happens every month to make up those


Where does the food come from?

As part of our partnership with CTFoodshare we are part of a program called retail

rescue. CTFoodshare set up agreements with local grocers for us to be able to go

and get their excess food to be distributed at our Food Cupboard. On Mondays

and Fridays, our three volunteer drivers go to both Vernon Stop & Shops, Ellington

and Tolland Big Y, Vernon Aldi’s, Vernon ShopRite, and Manchester Walmart to

pick up food. On Saturday, a volunteer goes just to Walmart. So far this year, they

have picked up over 176,000 pounds of food.

We also order food from CTFoodshare’s warehouse in Bloomfield. Finally, we are

very grateful to have local groups, churches, and individuals donate food on a regular basis.

Vernon ShopRite donates thousands of items from their pre-packed bag program

filled with $5 or $10 worth of items we have listed as needed.

Volunteers go to work!

Once the food arrives back at Cornerstone, a team of seven volunteers works

about 5-6 hours processing the food, removing spoilage, putting it in bags ready

to be distributed on Tuesday and Saturday. The team bags about 75-100 brown

bags full of non-perishables, and separate plastic bags of frozen meats, baked

goods, dairy items, and produce.

Distribution Day!

Tuesday morning and Saturday afternoon, two different teams of seven sort the

bags of produce, baked goods, dairy, and any other perishable food. They give out

the bags of food to folks who come to the Cupboard to supplement their food

needs. A different volunteer delivers boxes with all the food bags to homebound


The Food Cupboard is an all-volunteer operation.

You will notice that there were 827 volunteer hours given by a dedicated group of people who come every week to help people who are struggling to get by.

Cornerstone could not provide this service without them. THEY ARE AMAZING!

Next up - Behind the Clothing Bank, Etc.

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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