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It Takes a Village

Updated: Apr 2

Throughout the month of September we had received many fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables from local farms and garden clubs. Many thanks to the farmers of Ellington, Coventry, Somers and Tolland, as well as Tolland's Gardner Path for donating delicious, fresh and healthy vegetables and produce throughout the entire summer.

We are very proud of the meals we serve and the ability to take what is donated and turn it into a healthy and wholesome meal for so many. We have made squash casserole, zucchini bread, beautiful green salads, tomato and basil antipasto, stuffed peppers, ratatouille, and other “homey” sides for the patrons who utilize our kitchen. Our cooks and volunteers have pulled from many old family recipes , as well as creating new ones, with the produce we have on hand..…and everything has been delicious and appealing to the eye.

We look forward to our FALL produce and recipes. Our Community kitchen remains ready to

serve seasonal meals throughout the months moving forward, recognizing the blessings and

support that comes from our community and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who makes

our Community kitchen possible. It takes a village.

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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