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Macy's Inc. Donates Bagged Lunches to Cornerstone Community Kitchen

Updated: Apr 2

Macy's Inc. in South Windsor, CT donated 100 bagged lunches to Cornerstone's Community Kitchen today. It is part of their "Bagged Hunger Campaign", which Macy's has been running for over 20 years.

The Community Kitchen is so grateful to have Macy's, Inc. as a partner in ending food hunger in our community.

"We serve over 100 people per day at our Community Kitchen, so every donation is a blessing." states, Pat Kupec, Administrative Manager of Cornerstone's Community Kitchen. "With the rising cost of food, we could all be just one meal away from being hungry. That's why I believe so strongly in Cornerstone's mission to feed the hungry."

Cornerstone's heartfelt thanks go out to Macy's, Inc. and all the amazing individuals that were part of this incredible donation.

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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