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Maintaining and Cleaning Cornerstone's Blue Van

In the heart of Rockville, the impact of community support is palpable at Cornerstone Homeless Shelter. One shining example of this is our blue van, a symbol of generosity and a lifeline for many families in need. It's been just over a year since our supporters graciously donated $55,000 to purchase this van, and its impact has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Since its arrival, the blue van has become a vital tool for Cornerstone, supporting various essential programs. It has clocked almost 6,000 miles, primarily serving our Food Cupboard's crucial needs. Every week, it makes the journey to CT Foodshare in Bloomfield, ensuring our shelves are stocked with essentials. Additionally, it collects Retail Rescue food from various local grocery stores, including Big Y, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, Walmart, and more. This van is not just a vehicle; it's a lifeline, transporting over 10,000 pounds of food weekly.

Maintaining and cleaning the blue van is a critical aspect of ensuring its longevity and effectiveness in serving our community. Gary, our dedicated team member, takes immense pride in keeping our blue van immaculate. His commitment to excellence shines through in his meticulous approach to cleaning and washing the van. Gary understands that the van is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a representation of our values and dedication to our community.

Gary's dedication extends beyond just the blue van. He does such a great job taking care of the Cornerstone vehicles, buildings, and grounds, that we decided to do a little something for him. Since it was such a beautiful day, we went down to Kloter Farms and treated Gary to a little break with an ice cream cone!

Rain or shine, Gary ensures that the van is spotless, inside and out, ready to serve our community with dignity and pride. His attention to detail and passion for his work are truly commendable. Thank you, Gary, for your unwavering commitment to maintaining and cleaning Cornerstone's blue van, embodying the care and compassion that defines our organization.

Thank you Gary! And continued gratitude to all of those who supported the purchase of our blue van!

Alexis Flint

Programs and Operations Director

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