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The Food We Share

Updated: Apr 2

The Cornerstone Food Cupboard provides food assistance to over 500 families. We

cannot provide enough food to fully feed a family, but we do provide 40-45 pounds of

food each week for our families.

In the picture you will see bags of food that are ready for distribution to our families

when they come to the door of the Cupboard. Brown paper bags contain 10-12 nonperishable food items such as cereal, peanut butter, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, dry pasta, macaroni and cheese, soup, etc.

Bags with red handles contain 2 or 3 packages of frozen meat plus an additional frozen

or refrigerated food item such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc.

Black bags contain a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.

White bags contain one or two packages of bread or rolls and a pastry item such

cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc.

Because we have 180-200 families come to the Cupboard each week and we have

such limited space, we cannot let the families select their own food. Thus we have to

prepare bags of food to distribute. However, it is usual for our volunteers to tell us how

important this food assistance is to them and that they are most grateful for any help we

can provide.

And we are most grateful for the ongoing support we receive from individuals, churches,

civic organizations, and local grocery stores. That support is why we can provide this

vital food assistance.

Lee Hay

Food Cupboard Director

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