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The Need is Greater Than You Think

Updated: Apr 2

The increasing need for food assistance is clearly the result of our challenging economy. This challenge confronts hundreds of our neighbors every day and has caused so many people to struggle just to provide for the daily basic needs for themselves and their families. A year ago we distributed food assistance to 110-120 families each week at the Food Cupboard. Now we are distributing food assistance to 190-200 families each week. Who comes to the Cupboard for assistance? Here is a sampling of our clients.

  • Deanna is a retiree trying to live on her small Social Security allowance. She is typical of many of our retired clients.

  • Ellen, another senior, started coming to the Cupboard this year after her husband passed away. His death led to her income suddenly being cut in half. To pay her ongoing bills, she said she would not be able to buy enough food to eat.

  • Carol is the mother of three boys, and, as she reminded me, boys do eat lots. She is also expecting a fourth child. The Cupboard helps to provide the food she needs for her growing family.

  • Karen has been a foster parent for 16 years and currently has three foster children plus her own son. She told me that there has not been a raise in foster children support in 16 years! She has a part-time job, but the food from the Cupboard is needed just to assure all of the kids have enough to eat.

  • Steven and his wife do not earn enough to cover rent, gasoline, and utilities and still be able to provide enough food for their family of four. Many of our clients are employed but do not earn enough to cover the basics necessities for their families.

  • Luz is a senior who is raising her five grandchildren on her own. The Cupboard is a necessary resource to allow her to provide for her grandchildren.

  • Mary is a senior with serious medical issues and has recently been in and out of the hospital. Her daughter has a family of five to care for, but she either brings Mary to the Cupboard for food or picks up Mary’s food when Mary cannot travel.

These are but a small sample of how the Cupboard food assistance impacts the lives of

so many families.

Lee Hay

Food Cupboard Director

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