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This is Why

Updated: Apr 2

The Clothing Bank received a call from a client, Yvone, who knew of an older gentleman in need of help.

His name is Leon and he is 79 years old. His wife passed away and later his rental house

burned down so he moved in with his daughter’s family. After 2 years, the family felt it

was time for him to move out. Leon had to start all over again to find and make a home

for himself.

Leon recently moved into a new apartment with close to nothing to put in it. Although

our client, Yvone, had only heard about Leon’s situation, she went out of her way to

meet and talk with him. She showed such compassion towards him and brought his

situation to our attention. Yvone knows what it is like to need some help now and then

and wanted to help Leon. Leon only had a bed and recliner to start out with for his new

apartment, so she asked us if we would help him, which was our pleasure to do so.

The clothing Bank Etc. was definitely there to help. We gave him furniture, housewares,

linens, lamps, curtains, an air conditioner, etc. We were told the couch we gave him was so

comfortable, that when he went to lay on it as a test, he fell asleep. Yvone thoughtfully

volunteered to put up the curtains in his living room. Once they were up, Leon asked

her,” Are you a designer?” no”, she said. Then he said,” Those curtains make this

apartment look so expensive.” With a big smile, he went on to say to her that his

apartment is looking like a real home. For us, it doesn’t get better than that.

Leon also signed up to use Cornerstone’s Food Cupboard. After he was finished and got

his food he was so excited. He was literally jumping up and down. What a sight to see.

He said, “I feel like I won the lottery.”

This man appreciated all of the help he got from us. He even made a special trip back

and shook hands with our volunteer, Herb, for his help in loading up the furniture in

Yvone’s truck. He was in awe, he couldn’t believe there were people and places

available and willing to help him. This is a perfect example of why The Cornerstone

Foundation and all their missions are so important to the community.

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank, Etc. Director

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