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Volunteers Keep Community Kitchen Running Smoothly!

Updated: Apr 2

Our volunteers are the only reason we are able to serve delicious, quality meals on a consistent basis. Last month alone, we served 2,313 lunches and 2,330 dinners at Cornerstone's Community Kitchen. This includes our to-go meals.

We have come to rely very heavily on those friends from the Community who give their time and talents to us on a regular basis. There are a few who have been a part of our Community Kitchen family for quite a while and we are so Blessed to have them work beside us daily.

Special focus and thank you to :

Kay Luginbuhl

Bob Buettner

Jeanie Haney

Lynn and Gary Benevides

Linda Harlow

David Gutzmer

Natasha Garnett

Steve and Jane Bauks

Charlie Whitehead

These individuals could, and sometimes do :}, run our kitchen and truly understand we are here to do more than serve meals. They recognize the importance of the Cornerstone Mission and are a great example of kindness and love to the people we serve.

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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