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We Grieve Together

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The loss of Bryan Flint, Sr. hit me in two ways; one as losing my colleague and the other as losing my father.

When I came to Cornerstone 15 months ago, I was suffering from the loss of a teenager disrupting from foster care. It was a devastating loss for myself and my children, but my work at Cornerstone gave me a much needed distraction and more importantly, a purpose.

After my dad passed, on May 7, I had a very difficult time coming back to Cornerstone. I felt him in every hallway, every room, every space here. It was both comforting and devastating. I see the same feelings in almost every other staff member, volunteer and client. The people here were my dad's family too.

And while my family and I planned his services and grieved, our Cornerstone family did what they do best and kept Cornerstone functioning. We have had so many businesses, new and those that have been long time supporters, step up to volunteer, help with programs and donate in my dad's memory. Our staff and volunteers showed up in bigger numbers and longer hours to help Cornerstone and each other.

My family and I will never be able to fully express our thanks to the thousands of people that have reached out both personally and professionally. We greatly appreciate the calls, texts, emails, hugs, food, flowers and donations in my dad's memory.

Bryan Flint, Sr. (left) and his family serving in memory of Bryan's son, Bryan Flint, Jr. on what would have been his 35th birthday.

Kim (wife), Alexis (daughter), Charlie (grandson), Mystica (daughter), Caroline (niece).

Thank you all and remember to always hold those you love close to your heart every day.

Alexis Flint-Carmicheal

Communications Director

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