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Welcome to May!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Well, here we are in the merry month of May! I know you will be thrilled to hear that soon you will be getting either an email letter or snail mail asking you to contribute to our Spring appeal. This version has a heartwarming story about a family from our shelter getting their new home!

Asking for donations three times a year is one of the necessary evils of my job as Executive Director. We recently celebrated all the work that is done by our wonderful volunteers without whom we couldn’t afford to staff most of our programs. The same is true about raising funds to keep all the food we get refrigerated, having electricity in our shelters, getting the gas to run the stoves in the kitchen. It costs us approximately $75,000 per month to keep Cornerstone in operation, about 68% of which comes from individual donors. Interestingly, that is on par with most non-profits in the US.

When you get the letter or email, please take time to read it and consider donating to Cornerstone so we can keep helping the most vulnerable of our neighbors! If you don’t get one of them, feel free to email me at or call me at 860-858-6362. I will be HAPPY to send you one!

Sharon Redfern

Executive Director

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