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When Life Gives You Lemons...

Updated: Apr 2

So, you have heard when you have lemons, you make lemonade. Well, here at the Community Kitchen, when we are gifted with heavy cream, we make butter. A very special thank you to The Modern Milkman from Ellington, CT, who consistently provides us with fresh and local chocolate, root beer, strawberry and original milk, as well as seasonal favorites, egg nog and heavy cream. The Modern Milkman states they have “Happy Cows”, who are able to deliver the finest in quality milk and milk products.

And thank you to one of our long time volunteers, Kay Luginbuhl. With her kitchen knowledge, we are able to use the heavy cream to make much needed butter for our meal preparation. We also have volunteers who make applesauce out of apples and pickled carrots out of fresh carrots we receive through Food Share. The Cornerstone Community Kitchen appreciates each and every donation, and we make sure not to let anything go to waste.

We also have arranged pick up days with Stop and Shop from their bakery department. This bread, if not used by the kitchen, is placed on a rack in our dining area for town residents to take. We not only feed with our cooked kitchen meals, but also with our ability to distribute to the community.

We are very grateful to our community partners and volunteers who continue to help us help others.

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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