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A Helping Hand

Updated: Apr 2

Recently, we had a mom who had been having some rough times come by and ask for help from the Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. She had finally left a very abusive home with her children. Our hearts broke for her and her children as she proceeded to tell us a little of her story.

The good news is, she was finally able to move out of a shelter and get her own apartment to start over with her children. We were so happy for her and her family after being on a waiting list for a while. She came to Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. asking for help with furniture and housewares for her new apartment. She was not allowed to take anything from her old apartment, so she had nothing.

We were able to provide furniture, including new bedding for her and the children. She got housewares, small appliances, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc. We gave each of the family members a beautiful patch quilt hand made by Gemma and other members from the Vernon Chapter of the Greater Hartford Quilting Guild. She was so happy to be receiving so much help from us. Her gratitude was overwhelming. She said to us, how nice it is that there are people out there that are willing to give a helping hand. She had happy tears as we hugged.

She left with a great big smile of excitement to her very full rental truck to take home to her new apartment. Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. was able to give these items free to her and to others when needed, because of the generosity of our community. Thank you to all of you that donate to us here at The Cornerstone Foundation and know that you are helping a lot of people out there that need a helping hand.

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank, Etc. Director

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