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Compassion Begins as Children

Updated: Apr 2

Two sisters ages 9 and 6 from South Windsor, came into the Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. with a large box full of donations. They told me this was their third year doing an underwear drive. They titled it “New Undies for Kids”.

They chose to donate to Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank Etc. this year for the second time. They left school early to personally deliver their donations and to get a tour of the Clothing

Bank Etc. They wanted to see where their donations went once we got them and the procedure for the children in need to get them from the clothing Bank Etc.

With the help of the parents, the girls were able to reach their entire neighborhood through their neighborhood telephone/email list. They also contacted family and friends. They let everyone know they were collecting new kids underwear to help other children. They decorated a large box and put it outside their home near the street for people to put their donations in.

I was so pleased to meet these two sisters and their mom and accept their donations. I asked the girls why they chose to do an underwear drive. The 9 year old sister answered by saying,

”I like helping people. I wear hand me downs, but I only like wearing new underwear.”

I was very impressed with these girls and with their parents for supporting them. Their “New Undies for Kid’s” drive was a success. These girls are a good example of children caring and showing compassion for other children in need.

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank, Etc. Director

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