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Cornerstone Receives Hometown Heroes Program Grant from CT REALTORS® Foundation

Cornerstone is honored to announce that it has been selected as the recipient of the Hometown Heroes Program grant from the CT REALTORS® Foundation. This prestigious recognition comes with a heartfelt tribute to Bryan Flint, Sr., the former Deputy Director and Shelter Director of Cornerstone, who was tragically lost in a car accident on May 7, 2023.

The mission of the CT REALTORS® Foundation is to be good neighbors to our members, our communities, and the world, demonstrating that CT REALTORS® Care. The Foundation’s charitable efforts and grant programs encompass homeless prevention, transitional assistance from homeless shelters to housing, disaster relief, addressing aspects of opioid use disorder including removing the stigma, pet rescue, and college scholarships.

Bryan Flint, Sr. has been named a Hometown Hero by the CT REALTORS® Foundation for his unwavering dedication to the homeless and the greater Rockville community. Bryan’s tireless work and compassion were central to Cornerstone's mission of keeping people safe, fed, housed, and clothed. His daughter, Alexis Flint, who has succeeded him at Cornerstone, remarked, "We are profoundly grateful to CT REALTORS®, and the Hometown Heroes Program for honoring my father with this recognition and generous donation to Cornerstone. It is bittersweet to witness how deeply my dad touched this community and to continue working to keep his legacy alive."

Bryan Flint, Sr. was known for his hands-on approach, whether it was educating clients, providing security deposits from his own personal funds, assisting with apartment searches, or delivering food and essential supplies to those in need. His profound impact on the community is remembered and celebrated through this grant.

Alexis Flint added, "My dad dedicated his life to helping those in need, with a special focus on transitional housing and ensuring people had a place to call home. This grant beautifully highlights my dad's unwavering passion for always doing the next right thing."

Sharon Redfern, Executive Director of Cornerstone, shared her gratitude, stating, "Connecticut Realtors have been good friends to Cornerstone over the years. This latest gift from the CT REALTORS® Foundation is another example of support for people who are struggling to get or maintain housing. These are very difficult times for people in need of affordable housing and this gift will be extremely helpful in paying necessary expenses that current programs do not cover. We are deeply grateful for this grant."

Cornerstone extends a heartfelt thank you to Dan Keune for his decades of support to our mission. Dan, his family and team have supported Cornerstone by participating in numerous events each year, making significant donations, hosting food and clothing drives, and much more. Alexis said, "I was moved to tears when Dan called to inform me that my father had been chosen for the Hometown Heroes Program. This honor not only reinforces my faith in our community but also highlights the dedication so many have shown in supporting Cornerstone.”

The funds Cornerstone received from the Hometown Heroes Program will be utilized to help clients secure housing with security deposits and other essential needs. This grant will further Cornerstone's mission of providing transitional assistance and ensuring that everyone has a safe place to call home.

A check ceremony was held on Thursday, May 30 at Cornerstone's Community Center at 3 Prospect Street in Vernon-Rockville.

Alexis Flint

Programs and Operations Director

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