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Cornerstone’s Christmas Corner Brings “JOY” to the Community

Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank looks back on a joyful Christmas Corner opening for

holiday shopping on November 29th through December 21st . It was a Christmas

wonderland filled with Christmas trees, lights, colorful ornaments, garland, festive

wreaths, holiday dishes and linens, even holiday clothing, and much more. We also

gave out brand new gifts and stocking stuffers to give Santa a helping hand!

The most rewarding moments weren’t about the colorful ornaments or the beautiful decorations. They were about the smiles and stories shared by families who discovered the joy at the Christmas Corner. I had a mom come by the Clothing bank last week and was so excited to show me a picture she took on her phone. “Everything in this picture came from your Christmas Corner, “she said, her voice filled with emotion. It was a picture of a Christmas tree all beautifully decorated and lit up in twinkling colored lights. She confided she had three children from the ages of 6 to 9 and no Christmas tree until I suggested she visit our Christmas Corner. She went on to say how nice and accommodating our volunteers were. “They even took the star tree topper off their display for me.” Her tree was so big we never thought she would get it in her car. She was definitely determined and with the grace of god she sure did.

None of this joy would have been possible without the incredible support of our

community and wonderful volunteers. With your generous donations, together we

ensured that no family went without Christmas joy.

The spirit of giving isn’t seasonal! Cornerstone’s Clothing Bank is open year-

round, offering support and resources to those facing hardship.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your incredible support,

not just for the Christmas Corner, but for all the events we put on as well as your

dedication to our Clothing Bank. We are here to help those in need and with your

help and our wonderful volunteers, we are doing just that! As we move into the New

Year, we are incredibly grateful for your partnership and excited to continue serving

those in need.

Our free Prom Boutique is just around the corner, offering stunning gowns, sparkling

accessories, and more – all to help make a magical prom entrance without breaking the

bank. Stay tuned for the dates and details coming soon!

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank Director

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