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Cornerstone's Food Cupboard Update

Who is eligible for food assistance?

  • Per state and federal government regulations, any household in Connecticut whose total income does not exceed the federally established income limit for a household with that number of household members is eligible.

  • For reporting purposes, clients must also register the total number of children, adults, and seniors in their households.

  • Clients must re-register each July to reestablish eligibility.

Who are the clients we currently serve?

  • 543 families/households have come for food assistance in 2024. They represent over 1,450 individuals.

  • Of our current clients, 33% are children, 55% are adults, and 12% are seniors.

  • 75% of our clients live in Vernon, Rockville, Ellington, and Tolland.

  • 56% of our households consist of one or two individuals.

  • 11 of our clients have households of 7-9 members.

Are we still growing?

Yes - in 2024 we have registered 117 new families/households.

Lee Hay

Food Cupboard Director

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