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Spreading Halloween Cheer: Cornerstone's Halloween Costume Giveaway

Updated: Apr 2

Halloween is a time of year cherished by both children and adults, marked by costumes, candies, and festive decorations. However, for families facing financial challenges, celebrating this spooky holiday can be a daunting task. Fortunately, organizations like Cornerstone are stepping up to ensure that everyone can enjoy the magic of Halloween. Learn more about the Halloween Boutique event hosted by Cornerstone's Clothing Bank Etc. and how it brought joy to families in the community.

A Halloween Boutique Like No Other

Mid-October saw the transformation of Cornerstone's event room into a Halloween Boutique for four evenings, starting on October 12th. The room was filled with racks upon racks of Halloween costumes for both children and adults. It was a sight to behold, with costumes of all kinds, from classic characters to creative, unique ensembles.

In addition to the costumes, Cornerstone also gave away a plethora of Halloween decorations on their regular Wednesday and Thursday shopping days. These decorations helped clients make their homes come alive with the spirit of Halloween, creating a festive atmosphere that truly captured the essence of the holiday.

Spreading Joy, One Costume at a Time

In total, Cornerstone's Clothing Bank gave away an astounding 220 child and adult Halloween costumes. But it didn't stop there. Over 500 various Halloween accessories were also distributed, including masks, hair color, wigs, shoes, stockings, hats, makeup, pumpkin buckets, bags, glow sticks, and much more. They even included an extra rack with various clothing parts, allowing people to mix and match to create their own unique costumes.

The enthusiasm at the start of the event was infectious. A young girl could barely contain her excitement, exclaiming, "Mom, can I go in now!" as she rushed to find her perfect costume. Autumn, another little girl, was over the moon when she discovered the Elsa costume from the movie Frozen that she had in mind. Meanwhile, a middle school-aged young lady was thrilled to put together a distinctive costume involving a wedding dress and horns, promising a unique twist on the traditional Halloween look.

The event even inspired unexpected participants. Two mothers initially came in to donate costumes but ended up trying on various costumes and wigs themselves. One of them, in a Cher costume, left with a big smile and wishes for a Happy Halloween.

And don't forget the furry friends! A total of 23 dog Halloween costumes were distributed, thanks to a donation from Opportunity Works in Rockville. In total, 243 costumes were shared with the community.

The Power of Community and Giving

The most heartwarming aspect of this Halloween Costume Giveaway was that everything was given away for free. Families were not only overjoyed that their children could enjoy a free costume, but that they could also partake in the Halloween festivities without any financial burden. Celebrating Halloween as a family became a memorable, fun-filled experience that brought joy to parents and children alike.

This event truly showcased the power of community and giving, making it clear that a little generosity can go a long way in brightening the lives of those in our neighborhood.

A Big Thank You to All Involved

The success of this Halloween Costume Giveaway would not have been possible without the support of the community and generous donors. People in the community donated new and gently used costumes to create this Halloween Boutique. Walmart and Opportunity Works also provided new costumes, amplifying the impact of this heartwarming initiative.

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers at Cornerstone's Clothing Bank Etc. who worked tirelessly to make this Halloween Boutique a success. Volunteers are the backbone of organizations like this, and their dedication ensures that these events and missions can make a difference in the lives of many.

Looking Ahead to the Festive Season

The season of giving is far from over at Cornerstone. As the Halloween Costume Giveaway spreads warmth and joy, they're gearing up for their next event, "The Christmas Corner," opening on November 29th and running through December 21st. This event promises to be a beautiful wonderland filled with various Christmas items, ensuring that families in need can celebrate the holiday season in style.

The Halloween Costume Giveaway at Cornerstone is a heartwarming reminder of the power of community, generosity, and the magic of the holiday season. This event not only provided costumes and decorations but also brought joy and togetherness to the lives of many families in the community. As we look forward to "The Christmas Corner," it's clear that Cornerstone is a beacon of hope and goodwill in the community, reminding us that we can all make a difference, one costume at a time.

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank, Etc. Director

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