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A Fond Memory: A Magical Moment We Won't Forget

Updated: May 8

This month marks a somber anniversary - one year since we lost Bryan Flint, a cherished

member of our Cornerstone family who brightened countless lives with his dedication and kindness.

Bryan's compassion touched my life even before he joined Cornerstone. Thirty-five years

ago, I contacted Bryan when he owned a magic shop. Our neighborhood was struck by the

heartbreaking news, a young boy named Mark, just six years old, was battling cancer. This

little boy spent his birthday in the hospital pretty much alone, and I knew something had to

be done.

Determined to bring some sunshine back into Mark’s young life, I contacted Bryan and

shared Mark's story. Tears welled in his eyes as he listened. I told Bryan I was going to invite

some neighborhood friends and give him a surprise belated birthday party when he was well

enough from his cancer treatments. Without hesitation, Bryan offered to perform a magic

show for Mark - completely free of charge. He was willing to give up his Saturday afternoon

to bring joy to a sick child, a testament to his incredible generosity.

On that special day, Bryan's magic wasn't just in his tricks, it was in the smiles he brought to Mark, the neighborhood children, and their families. His playful spirit filled the room with laughter. We were all captivated by Bryan's tricks and infectious humor, a testament to his

genuine love for bringing happiness to others. Bryan gave me a memento from that special day that I held on to for 35 years, and now I will pass it on to his daughter.

Then 21 years later, our paths crossed again when Bryan joined the Cornerstone

family. His dedication to helping others remained constant. Whether it was

working with the homeless or the needs of Cornerstone, Bryan poured his heart into everything he believed in. He was always there to lend a hand and a

compassionate heart.

Bryan's absence leaves a void, but his legacy lives on. Let's all strive forward with that

same spirit of giving to continue to make a positive impact on our community.

Christine Filanowicz

Clothing Bank Director

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