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Cornerstone Food Cupboard: Nourishing 600+ Households with Weekly Food Assistance

The Cornerstone Food Cupboard is proud to be able to provide food assistance to over

600 of our area households. We cannot provide enough food to fully feed families, but

our food assistance does provide significant help.

Families can come for food once a week, and they receive four bags of food as seen in

the picture above.

  • A bag of 11 or 12 nonperishable food items such as soup, peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables, dry pasta, canned pasta, spaghetti sauce, cereal, Ramen noodles, jelly, rice side dishes, instant potatoes, etc.

  • A bag of two or more packages of frozen meat

  • A bag with one or two loaves of bread or rolls and a pastry item

  • A bag of produce (vegetables and fruit) and additional refrigerated items such as yogurt, cheese, juice, eggs, etc.

They can also select additional food items from our ETC. tables which are placed

outside the Food Cupboard door. They contain a wide variety of food items we have received in donations but not in large enough quantities to provide for all families on any given day or are too large for our bags. For example, milk, cake mixes, snack items, pancake

mixes, etc.

On average, we provide 35-40 pounds of food each week to each family.

Lee Hay

Food Cupboard Director

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