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Rockville High School's "Souper Bowl of Caring" Fundraiser benefits Cornerstone

Rockville High School hosted a "Souper Bowl" Fundraiser this Super Bowl to benefit to Cornerstone in Rockville, CT. The Student Council, Peer Advocates and Student Athlete Leadership Team sponsored the fundraiser from 1/31/23 - 2/20/23.

The organizations collected canned food and monetary donations before school and during the lunch waves. Students received a ticket for each dollar or canned food items donated. They put the ticket(s) in the envelope of the team they wanted to win the Super Bowl. After Super Bowl, names were drawn from the winning team's envelope.

The school created a bulletin board to keep track of donations.

Rockville High School was able to donate boxes of non-perishable food items and raised $146 for Cornerstone.

"We love to see our youth being aware of community issues and taking a stand against hunger." says Bryan Flint, Deputy Director of The Cornerstone.

Alexis Carmicheal

Communications Director

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