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Spreading Joy and Nourishment: A Heartwarming Celebration at The Community Kitchen

Updated: Apr 2

As we prepare for the Celebration of the Birth of Jesus, we here in the Community Kitchen continue to focus on how we can help others. Recognizing how fortunate many of us are, we remember God's charge to help others in His name… If you come into the kitchen, you will see how Gary, our long time maintenance man, has decorated with a Christmas tree and many ornaments adorning the tables. The outside of the kitchen illuminates with lights of yard statues and candy canes. He has taken real pride in making sure the festive Spirit of Christmas is seen by all.

Our Christmas meal, served on Dec. 25th , is beef loin roast, with roasted potatoes, fresh roasted vegetables and cheese cake for dessert. Yadi, our chef will be in the kitchen early preparing this meal with the help of a few dedicated volunteers.

We have worked in collaboration with Toys for Tikes and our Clothing bank to ensure a few families who have connections with our kitchen, do not go without this year. Totes of crafts and Christmas merriment, in addition to gifts for children ranging in ages 3-17 have been given out to a few deserving families.

Here at the Community Kitchen, we do not ONLY provide food. We also assist with other needs to make life easier for those who ask for our help. At Cornerstone, we do not work in silos. With the help of our Food Cupboard and Clothing Bank, we help in any way we can to assist with any needs identified. That’s what community is… We are called the Community Kitchen for a reason.

Thank you to all who have helped us assist the Community throughout this past year. We wish you a very Merry Holiday and many Blessings in the year to come.

Pat Kupec

Community Kitchen Administrator

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