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Vernon Center Middle School Students Host EPOCH Art Night

Cornerstone representatives, Alexis Carmicheal and Ernie Garibaldi were invited to Vernon Center Middle School's Second Annual EPOCH Art Night on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Sherri Nevins' group of approximately 20 middle school students put on an amazing night out!

The students came up with the idea of EPOCH Art Night last year with all proceeds going to The Cornerstone. They had raised $520.

This year, the event included art for sale, a photo booth and a food station for guests. Donations of food from Stop & Shop, Luann's Bakery, Great Harvest Bread, and other places were well received by all in attendance. There was also a raffle, raising even more money for Cornerstone.

On March 24th, Mrs. Nevins dropped off over 50 pounds of food donations collected from the event. The students also raised $1,148 which allows Cornerstone's to continue their mission of keeping people safe, fed, housed, and clothed.

Alexis Carmicheal

Communications Director

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